Fred Minnick Gift Pack

Single Barrel Gift Pack


A Perfect Gift for Bourbon Lovers

The Fred Minnick Show Single Barrel Gift Pack is a limited edition gift set of three unique expressions of Kentuxican Bourbon Hot Sauce. Hand selected by Fred Minnick himself and developed exclusively for fans of the Fred Minnick Show, the Holiday Gift Pack includes three profiles: original, medium, and hot.

Three Unique Expressions


Fred Minnick Hot

A truly special edition with an extra kick perfectly paired with a special pick, single barrel bourbon. The Level Six sauce includes morita chile, 2.5x habaneros, 3.5x Carolina reapers and chile de arbol Yahualica. It is the hottest sauce that Kentuxican has ever produced and features a blend of twelve different spirits — six bourbons and six ryes.

Fred Minnick Medium

Kentuxican’s original recipe kicked up to Level Three with a bourbon hand-selected by Minnick. The sauce includes morita chile, 1.5x habaneros, 2.5x Carolina reapers and chile de arbol Yahualica. It is blended with three 100-proof bourbons and three cask strength bourbons that have previously been featured on The Fred Minnick Show.

Original Kentuxican

The Level One hot sauce includes morita chile, habaneros, Carolina reapers and chile de arbol Yahualica.